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Most of the wood I use is reclaimed from storm or insect damaged trees found the DFW area and other places I travel. Sometimes I get cutoffs and leftovers from various commercial sources that were to be thrown away or traded by other wood workers around the USA and even overseas on special occasions. Never do I cut down trees for my own personal use. Many items are donated to charity or for special gift giving occasions to friends.  Thank you for visiting and I hope to post more of my inventory in the days ahead.



  SPX 20" Crucifix with Stand



The crucifix with stand is 20" in height. Wood is walnut, curly maple and the crucifix itself is made of the original framing wood of St. Pius X Church. Finish is hand rubbed varnish. It sold at auction for $650.






                                                                                                  SPX Rosary Box with Rosary 



This jewelry box is made from 53 pieces of red oak and walnut. It is 4" in diameter. The crucifix on the lid is made from the original St. Pius X founding wood. Finish is hand rubbed varnish inside and out. The rosary is gold plated chain. "Our Father" beads are 10mm hematite and the "Hail Mary" is 8mm Druk red crystal.  Red ruby accent beads are included with the hematite. This item sold at auction for $1,100.




     Pandora's Box


This is a 6" hollow wood segmented  sphere less than 1/4" thick  &  made of over 140 pieces of walnut and maple. Finials at the poles so the top half is effectively a lid for the bottom. The stand is of walnut. Entire finish is hand rubbed tung oil.

Update: This item won 2nd place in the National Arts Contest and comes with a cash prize. It was on display at Dallas City Hall during May 2009 .








                                                                       Cremation Urn


This segmented wood cremation urn is made of over 40 pieces of walnut, maple, and bloodwood hand rubbed with tung oil. The finial is a 3 flame 2/3 twist that represents  us 3 children. Stands about 8 1/2" tall. It won a 3rd place ribbon at the 2008 City of Dallas National Arts Exhibition. It won 2nd place in the 2008 Texas State Fair.


This is for a family member and not for sale. My guide to making a wooden cremation urn..






    Spalted Ash Bowl



This bowl is made from spalted ash  wood found in a nearby creek bed. Several local firefighters came to help me bring the log out of the creek and this was one of my first attempts at turning wood. It has a walnut rim. It was given as a gift.



                                                                                                                              2007 SPX Bowl


This segmented wood bowl was made for the parochial school at St. Pius X in Dallas. It is made with 30+ pieces of wood including walnut and maple with the crucifix made from the original founding wood. Sold for a $300 charitable contribution..



     2008 Eucharist Plate


This 12"  Eucharist Plate was made of 90 pieces of wood segments including walnut, curly maple, church founding wood in the crucifix, and sterling silver inlaid wire. It won an Honorable Mention is the 2007 Texas State Fair. The Latin inscription reads, "Peace be with you.....and also with you". Sold for $350 at the 2008 SPX Auction charitable fund raiser.

The wooden stemmed matched wine glasses are an extra touch made of  walnut. A simple set goes for $60.





                                                                                                               Pecan Wine Goblets



These wood wine glasses were made from a locally retrieved pecan tree. They came from the same branch and can be found at Organic Dynamics in Texas (link below). The glasses are bought locally and cut with a ceramic blade. Silicone glue is used to secure the glass to the stem .




Fiddleback Maple Bowl



This 8" wood bowl is made from scrap fiddleback maple and a walnut rim. Part of a special request inventory. This & others can be found  at Organic Dynamics lawn & landscaping in Mesquite, Texas (DFW).



These wood fishing lures are made from scrap hickory and are about 2 3/4" in length.. Paint is enamel with clear coat. These are prototypes and already some special requests have come in from fishermen friends of mine. If you would like a custom bass chugger , popper or torpedo please contact me. I can make kits available with ideas and guidelines here.

Thanks for looking.

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     December  26,  2010

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