The RapterCaster

Hand Built Strat Style Guitar


My first Strat style guitar build. A great learning experience from parts gleaned from all over. This is not a kit.


The guitar is made from Paulonia wood. Soft and easy to carve and shape. However, it seemed to have issues with end grain chipping out. Easy to work with, but I won't use it again. Painting the body was straight forward. It was sealed then primed. Pin striping was laid down by thin strips of tape. The first paint coat was a silver over the back and front. Mesh was placed over the silver and an off white was painted inside the pin striped perimeter. Earth tones were mixed and painted in the individual mesh areas. The drying acrylic paints started clogging the nozzle so some areas may have been heavier than other. The mesh was removed and then black was painted on the outside rim and edge with a little feathering to spill over onto the snake skin area. After that the pin striping tape was removed. This was done to both sides of the body.